Golden Towns – Is It Worth Playing?

Some time ago I started playing Golden Towns. It is a browser game. A real time economic strategy that has everything: production, improving your towns, buying, selling and war. The most interesting fact about the game, however, is that you can either exchange what you produce for other resources, or you can sell it for real money. *dramatic pause* Yes, Real. Money. Everything you produce ingame can be sold for ingame gold, that gold in turn can be sold for real cash. If that is not an incentive enough to play a game like civilisation without having to install anything on your computer I don’t know what is.

Town Map

Golden Towns – Town Map

In Golden Towns you are the mayor of a small village striving to upgrade and improve the quality of your life. You need to upgrade roads and buildings, hire new workers, build new homes for them, send them to work on food and resource production. You plan where to build new structures, are responsible for the level of happiness of your people. Later you can participate in wars and politics and even buy your own country, called “private island” ingame. Generally the aim is to produce as much as possible and sell it at the most profitable circumstances.

World Map

Golden Towns – World Map

I like playing the game because it doesn’t require too much time. The graphics are good and after a short while you get to know the mechanics of the game pretty well. The game is pretty straightforward and well laid out. It is fun to play and if you ever get bored playing for free you can always buy some ingame gold to speed up your development. It will help you to get those massproducing factories faster. For example – a simple lvl 1 farm produces just 10 vegetables, a level 5 farm creates an astonishing 500.

Building Screen

Golden Towns – Building Screen

What I don’t like about the game is the sound. As a flash game the musical theme is reloaded and plays everytime you load the page or switch from town map to worldmap and back. There is a way to disable that by blocking the sound file with an adblocker but still, this is a bug that should hopefully be very easy to fix.

You need resources to upgrade buildings and roads

Golden Towns – You need resources to upgrade buildings and roads

I started playing Golden Towns some time ago and find it a lot of fun to play. It has a lot of things to plan and do and can even lead you to buying your own country ingame. If you ever have problems playing or need some friendly advice, send me an e-mail using the contact form and we’ll get in touch. I can help you get through the first few levels a lot faster. C’ya ingame.